About LRT

LRT works to mitigate the impact of prolonged school closures during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our Mission

Educators around the nation have been frantically sounding the alarm on the potential negative impact of prolonged school closures. According to John King Jr., Secretary of Education under the Obama administration, the lack of direct classroom instruction will exacerbate summer learning loss and contribute to growing achievement gaps. Living Room Tutors works to heavily mitigate these impacts by connecting volunteer student tutors to students in need of tutoring.

Our Origin

Living Room Tutors was founded by Mayo High School Junior, Jinglin Li. According to Li, she first had the idea to start this service after school closures changed her role in her household from big sister to teacher. Jinglin began tutoring her two younger siblings, Jessica and David when schools switched to distance learning. She noticed that despite her parents possessing extensive educational backgrounds, they did not know how to help Jessica and David with their grade level homework. “The schooling curriculum has just changed with time” said Jinglin Li. “It makes more sense to be tutored by someone who recently been through the education system”. With these thoughts in mind, Jinglin launched Living Room Tutors from her own living room on April 24th of 2020.

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