We are a team of volunteer students and community members with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what Living Room Tutors stands for and work hard to make our service run as smoothly as possible!

Jinglin Li

Executive Director

Jinglin is a senior at Mayo High School. She was inspired to create Living Room Tutors after watching her own two siblings struggle with their distance learning schoolwork. She is focused on creating a community with better digital access and is actively working with the non-profit consortium’s digital equity taskforce. In her free time, Jinglin likes to spend her time painting, cooking, or hanging out with her family and friends.

Rita Dai

Administrative Coordinator

Rita is a junior at Century High School who loves to serve her community. Rita helps Living Room Tutors run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Additionally, Rita is an active member of the Rochester Youth Commission and Century’s Young Asian Leaders of America, while also volunteering at many places in the county. In her free time (if she ever has any) you’ll probably find her listening to music, painting, or doodling,

Zoey Chen

Operations Manager

Zoey is a junior at Century High School. She is dedicated to promoting educational opportunities and intercultural learning. Through her involvement in different teaching initiatives and community projects, she has developed a deep passion in supporting younger generations through education and mentorship. Zoey has taught and tutored in acrylic painting, math, debate, tennis, English and Chinese—and all are subjects she loves learning as well.

Jasmine Cao

Marketing Strategist

Jasmine Cao is a sophomore at Woodbury High School and is an active member in her community. She enjoys working with students and volunteers as a teacher assistant for Minghua Chinese school during the summer. She is involved in a number of activities such as Key Club, Science Olympiad, Aspire Music Academy, etc. In her spare time, Jasmine likes to draw, paint, sing and dance. 

Cooper Gamble

Outreach Strategist

Cooper is a sophomore at Mayo High School. A passionate learner and a dedicated teacher, he is committed to education. At LRT, Cooper outreaches to prospective tutors and tutees, as well as to other organizations with whom LRT shares objectives. He is involved with many of the clubs Mayo has to offer, and in his free time, you will likely find him reading, playing instruments, or spending time with his friends.

Annie Chen

Operations Manager

Annie is a junior at Mayo High School. At school, Annie loves learning anything related to social studies and history. She is a part of Mayo’s debate club and enjoys hiking and playing tennis in her free time.

Mary Gorfine


Mary is the program coordinator of the Rochester-Olmsted Youth Commission. She helps oversee all LRT operations and supports all of Living Room Tutor’s student volunteers.

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