Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible to receiving tutoring?

Living Room Tutors offers free tutoring services to all students from Pre-K to 12th grade.

Where do tutoring sessions take place?

Tutoring sessions are conducted over a of online meeting platform such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype. It is between the tutor and tutee to decide to utilize the platform that they feel is most convenient.

Who is eligible to become a tutor?

Living Room Tutors strives to maintain a student to student tutoring environment. The majority of our tutors are High School or College aged students.

How does the matching process work?

The LRT team will create matches between tutors and tutees based on the preferences of both the tutor and tutee. For tutors, we take into consideration what age groups you are comfortable tutoring, as well as subject areas you are comfortable with. For tutees, we find you a tutor that can meet demands in your desired subject areas.


Will I be charged for tutoring sessions?

No. All of Living Room Tutor’s services are offered free of charge, all thanks to our wonderful student volunteer tutors!

Can I receiving tutoring during the summer?

Yes! Living Room Tutors offers tutoring services year-round.

Can students who have language barriers receive tutoring?

Yes! Living Room Tutors is here to support our English learner students. Our tutors can teach in a variety of languages, such as Spanish, Arabic, Somali, French, and Chinese.

How long does it take to get matched with a tutor/tutee?

Currently, if you are signing up to receiving tutoring, expect a match within one week. However, due to the recent high influx of volunteering tutor applications, it’s taking a longer time to get our tutors matched. Rest assured, you will be matched as soon as our team finds you a fitting match.


Will Living Room Tutor’s services continue to be offered beyond the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes. Our team here at Living Room Tutors understands the need for tutoring support during the pandemic and beyond. We are committed to continuing to offer accessible peer-tutoring for years to come.

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